TerraNova®ultra project for sewage sludge and biowaste in Poland

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Allgemein, News

The municipality of Solina in the South-East of Poland intends to produce renewable fuel and fertilizer from bio-waste. TerraNova Energy together with its Polish partner Schwander Polska are developing the project documentation for the construction of a TerraNova®ultra Hydrothermal Carbonization plant.

Schwander CEO Stanislaw Malinowski explains that this innovative technology involves simulating an accelerated process similar to the natural formation of coal. The installation is to be built at the sewage treatment plant in Berezka. It would be the first installation in Poland and Europe to process sewage sludge and bio-waste.

The installation is planned for 3,000 tons of bio-waste per year, which will produce 400 to 500 tons of Hydrochar. The technology will also allow the recovery of mineral compounds as fertilizer, adds Solina’s Mayor Adam Piątkowski. As he explains, the goal of this investment is ecology and economy. The idea is to make residents pay as little as possible for wastewater.

TerraNova Energy’s CEO Marc Buttmann comments that this is a great showcase for small and medium municipalities to make use of their bio-waste and contribute to real circular economy.